Wednesday Evening Edition 9/30/09

Clipping through the recession: This week’s NY Times feature was only the latest to report that coupon use is up — a boon for Sunday newspapers and other papers that gorge on inserts. [Poynter]

Zuckerman bids for Business Week: NY Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman is bidding against Bloomberg LP and others for the ailing magazine. [Business Week]

Web site not required: It’s time for media companies to move on to the next big thing. [Steve Rubel Lifestream]

Community papers back Bloomberg: The Brooklyn Paper and its 30 sister publications in News Corp’s NYC Community Newspaper Group have endorsed the reelection of Mayor Bloomberg. [BoroPolitics]

Hey, Paul Krugman: A music video tribute to the NY Times’ Nobel Prize-winning economics columnist by Jonathan Mann: “We need you on the front lines, not just writing for the New York Times. I’d feel better if you were calling some shots, instead of writing your blog and probably thinking a lot …” [YouTube]


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